Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

1. Where possible, all invoices will be issued after despatch. However, in circumstances where goods are made in advance, an invoice will be issued for the making of the goods, prior to despatch.

2. We use Indemnity insurance to cover our customers debts and will need to apply for a credit limit for your company. Until this has been approved all orders will be by pro-forma payments. Late payments will affect your credit limits.

3. All finished goods remain the property of Drapes until fully paid for.

4. Work in progress. Any goods/fabric that have been cut or started remain the property of Drapes until paid for in full.

5. Any goods fitted at a third party’s property on behalf of any customers, remain the property of Drapes until these goods are paid for in full.

6. Goods will not be despatched until we have received application forms Credit accounts: All invoices month 1, payable by the end of the month 2. Late payment will result in your account being placed on stop.

7. All prices are exclusive of VAT and Carriage.

Product Specification

1. All products are made to Drapes specifications unless we are asked to differ. Specification sheets are available for all products on request.

2. Roman Blinds will be right hand controlled unless otherwise specified.

3. Blinds are matched from the centre as standard even with multiple blinds.


1. If you are supplying your own fabrics our cutting team will make every effort to spot faults. However we will not be responsible for replacing faulty fabric after cutting. If this concerns you please have the fabric sent to yourself for checking before sending to Drapes.

2. When using your own fabric please ensure that you inform us of the correct side the fabric is to be used on. We will not be held responsible if you have not informed us of the correct side.

3. Light fastness: We recommend exposure to direct sunlight is kept to a minimum. We cannot be held responsible for any fading due to sunlight.

4. Please be aware that some fabrics do not pattern match correctly. When this occurs we will always match from the top however the pattern may run out down the join.

5. Please satisfy yourselves that quantities estimated for fabric are adequate and calculations tally. Drapes will not be held responsible for shortages or errors.


1. If for any reason there is a query on a product. The product will need to be returned to Drapes for any remedial work required. No product will be replaced or credited until returned to Drapes for inspection.

2. Drapes UK Ltd will not be liable for any compensation claims.


1. We will only supply blinds which conform to the child safety requirements of EN13120 (“Safety Codes”). The Safety Codes do not apply to blinds which are to be installed in commercial buildings where it is unlikely that a young child will come into contact with them. Should any order you place with us be for such blinds and as a result you require that they vary in any material aspect or particular respect from blinds which comply with the Safety Codes, then;

(i) you must stipulate clearly that this is the case at the time of order and also make clear your particular requirements for the blinds as a result; and

(ii) you must confirm that the blinds are to be installed in a commercial building as far as you can reasonably ascertain, having carried out your own risk assessment and that as such a child is unlikely to be exposed to the blind/s once installed; and

(iii) the assessment as to whether a child is likely to come into contact with the blind/s is solely for your determination. We will not accept any responsibility or liability for the same whatsoever.

2. If you should fail to provide the confirmation and details required pursuant to clause

1(i) or (ii) above then the blinds we supply shall comply with the Safety Codes and you shall not be entitled to reject the same nor raise any requisition in relation to the same in the event that the blind/s do not subsequently meet the purpose for which you intended.

3. If blinds are ordered head height “Not Known” they are supplied on the basis that you will be installing within the child safety requirement EN13120. This is your responsibility.